Do you film family & friends too, or just us ?

We film everything that we possibly can!  We film from the preparations to the final dance, and all the fun and partying we see going on!  Our Feature Films are the best examples of our films that show a mix of all that happened on your special day, from moments you remember to moments you didn’t even see!

Will aerial footage be included in our film ?

Yes ! The only thing that stops us from capturing aerial footage is the weather and if there are restrictions on the location.  Safety is our priority with aerial footage and we approach each situation with caution, especially around the details of your wedding.  Our pilot is licensed to fly commercially and been doing so for several years, and we are insured to do so.

How long will our film be ?

We can’t say!  We haven’t filmed your wedding yet, so it is hard to give an exact number.  We have varied packages and the time for each depends on what you are planning for the day. It really depends on the amount of content we have from your vows, speeches, and all of your wedding events throughout the day.

How long will it take to get our wedding film ?

Our aim is to get the completed footage out to you with in one month, but we like to get it right so sometimes it take a little longer.

Who chooses the music ?

Due to copyright laws, we pay for each song we use online.  This is a tedious process that we take care of. We choose the music based on your choice of Genre and guidance on the pace of music you wish to have.

Do we have to have our footage posted line ?

No. This is your choice and we will ask you about this when we have a chat about your requirements.

                                        I’m concerned the photographers will miss opportunities if you are filming at the same time, how will you work with them ?

We do not stand in your face with a camera all day, and we work around the photographers. We truly care about you having the most amazing experience, not just with us, but on your overall wedding day! For this reason,  We want you rest assured we are capturing it all while it unfolds, while you enjoy every moment of your wedding day!

What payment options are there ?

A £250 deposit is required to secure your date. You can then choose to either not pay anything further until 28 days before your wedding, or you can set up a payment plan to suit you, We can discuss this with you when you are ready to book us. You also have the option to pay in full so that you no longer have to worry about paying us nearer the time.

What if the worst happens, do I loose all my money ?

No! we will refund you all but the deposit. This is because we will have put a lot of time and effort into researching the venue and making plans for your big day, plus there is the likely hood that we have passed up the opportunity of filming elsewhere.